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Sculpting Light Oil Painting Workshop

Presented by Fiorentino Atelier at Fiorentino Atelier, Ocala FL

Jan 28 2024
Feb 24 2024
Sculpting Light Oil Painting Workshop

Sculpting Light oil painting workshop w/ Mel Fiorentino at Fiorentino Atelier in Ocala

Sculpting Light: Painting Workshop w/ Mel Fiorentino

Sculpting Light – A Dynamic Contrast Workshop in Oil Painting by art instructor Mel Fiorentino


Embark on a creative journey with our “Sculpting Light” workshop, a unique exploration of dynamic light and shadows in oil painting. This 4-week program is meticulously crafted to elevate your skills in expressing the play of light and dark in your artwork. Focused on oil painting, composition, and utilizing Photoshop for dynamic contrast enhancement, this workshop provides a comprehensive approach to creating striking, visually appealing masterpieces. Guided by an experienced instructor Mel Fiorentino, you’ll not only refine your brush control but also learn the art of choosing the perfect composition for your image, with a special emphasis on selecting and interpreting your favorite sculptures.

Workshop Highlights:

Learn the intricacies of dynamic light and shadows in oil painting.
Master the art of choosing compelling compositions for your artworks.
Receive personalized guidance in selecting and interpreting your favorite sculpture.
Utilize Photoshop for enhancing dynamic contrast in your paintings.
Develop better brush control for smoother transitions in your artwork.
Create visually stunning paintings that captivate the viewer.

Lesson Plan:

Week 1/Day 1: Introduction to Dynamic Contrast, Composition Selection & Digital Enhancement w/ Photoshop (4 hours)

Welcome and orientation to the workshop.
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